About Life Kerning

In the graphic design industry, kerning is the fine-tuning or adjustment of space between letterforms (type). In this book, author Justin Ahrens applies this concept to both the life and career of business professionals. There is a common misconception that positive change in one's life only comes from a complete system overhaul. Ahrens challenges this notion by inviting business leaders and professionals to not only reassess the various spaces and goals of one's life, but to rethink our understanding of balance altogether.

This book includes insights and observations from both the creative and professional world.

  • Guides you in determining what you're passionate about, and how to keep those passions in the forefront of your life and career
  • How to create work that stands apart
  • How to cultivate and maintain a group of wise mentors
  • Develop critical decision-making skills

Live a life that fuels your work, and work in a way that fuels your life. Life Kerning shows you how.


About the Author

Justin Ahrens' passion for life is rooted in his creative firm's commitment to "making creative matter®". For over 10 years now, Justin has led Rule29 in their commitment to great design and to helping others think differently about the world around them. Through a collaborative approach in both strategy and design, Rule29's culture is just as important as the work they produce. This is particularly evident by Rule29's involvement in numerous social causes, including their substantial work in Africa. Justin has also been a consistent voice for the design and business community as it relates to balancing life and career.

His obsession for design is only overshadowed by Justin's passion for being home with his wife Sarah and their four amazing kids (who think Dad's job is listening to music, drawing pictures, and playing on the computer).

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinahrens and @rule29.